Cannabis Connection Center

Cannabis Wholesale and Transportation

is startup MMJ distribution, armored transportation and marketing company headquartered in California City, CA., providing wholesale, distribution, transportation logistics and management solution for Medical Marijuana business in Southern and Northern California.


Cannabis Distribution

CCC coordinates the distribution of cannabis in a tracked and orderly fashion, helping to assure the delivery of safe product. All cultivation and manufacturing licensees must send all harvested and manufactured cannabis to a distributor for quality assurance and inspection. CCC makes sure the cannabis receives a “batch test” analysis and certification before sending it to a dispensary. 

Logistic, Track and Trace

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We hold compliance and safety in highest regard and provide all necessary logistical and security solutions for transporting freight. Our distribution center and transportation will provide all the necessary climate and contamination control, refrigeration, and most importantly highly trained staff providing efficiency and piece of mind to growers, manufacturers, retailers.