CCC Distro Mission


We are  dedicated to immerse in the MMJ community as the company committed to insuring overall safety and integrity in all aspects of Medical Cannabis  businesses.  Our mission is to providing excellent customer service and well established logistics insuring enhanced and effective collaboration of transportation with all other supply chain management functions from raw material supply, to distribution. 


CCC DiSTRO Partnership Investors

Sophisticated logistics information technology implementation

• Strong sales and marketing team/Exceptional customer service/exclusive brand representation

• Branding and marketing based on strong consumer data

• State of the art refrigeration and climate control in distribution centers as well as all the vehicles

• Bar coding and electronic data interchange technology

• Goods Tracing and Global Positioning Systems

• Ensuring safety of goods/Local Area Network

• Establishing strong brand presence everywhere 

• Excellent communication and building up trusting relationship

• Website and strong Online presence

• Financial Management System

• Competitive Employment opportunities